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A simple addition equals an enormous change

A porch is a perfect addition to any home and adds immense visual and practical value. At Harvest Energy, we can install uPVC, glass and brick porches to your home that will change the face of the building and offer a wealth of benefits. We offer a world of customisation options that will ensure the porch you have in mind can be realised by our expert designers and specialists.

How will a porch impact your home?

A porch from Harvest Energy is an added layer of security to your home. It acts an extra shield at the forefront of your property that can be fitted with a second secure door to prevent and deter intruders. You can use the space as a buffer between the outside world and your home, to prevent cold air entering in winter, and to keep the heat out in the summer. You can equip your porch with coat and shoe racks for convenience and extra storage opportunities, and to keep your home cleaner on wet and muddy days.

Benefits of a porch

Aside from the buffering and security aspects of a porch, adding one onto your home will also raise the property value substantially, and create a brilliant aesthetical boom where people will notice it the most. Depending on the size of your porch and the options that you’ve selected prior to our installation, you can add some real space on to your home, for whatever purpose you desire. Some of the key benefits broken down are:

  • A security buffer in your home
  • Extra storage space
  • A fantastic aesthetical addition
  • Increased property and visual value
  • Affordable way to expand your home


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What Our Clients Say

In the twenty-five years Harvest Energy has been operating, we've worked hand-in-hand with many clients and have left lasting impressions on their homes and properties. Here are some of the most recent comments left by our happy customers.


I am really pleased with the outcome. Everything looks perfect and it gives me the extra space I needed. The team were fantastic, they were always there on time and there was no cleaning up to do after them. Their price was extremely competitive and the quality of work was exceptional, I will have no hesitation in using them in the future for smaller bits and pieces that I wish to get done.
A 10 out of 10 from me.


2 months


From the initial contact from the guys in harvest energy, right through to the end, the project was delivered on time and on budget. The project was managed by Colin Clare, together Colin and the architect I had decided to go with had exceeded all my expectations. It is because of this I would have no hesitation in recommending harvest energy in the future and have already done so.


3 weeks


The fittings look good, feel good and have improved the energy efficiency of the house.
The fitters were efficient, tidy, self-contained and well-disposed, in other words, professional.
Jason was easy to deal with, informative, polite and personable. They were great and I would recommend them as I would use them again in the future.


1 month

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