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Let in a New World of Light and Air

Bi-fold doors are a wonderful invention.  They will be typically made of a set of two or more doors or glass panels which are linked together on a rail.  When you open the door you have the ability to fully open the entire section which is not possible with a regular patio door.   

internal bifold doors
Internal bifold door connecting room to outer space

A Seamless Connection

The function of a bi-fold door means that you can connect your home to your garden – seamlessly!  If you’re hosting and outdoor function you can link the two areas together for the maximum amount of space to entertain.  The bi-fold doors we install are smooth to operate, durable and energy efficient.

Benefits of bi-fold door

  • Energy efficiency
  • Unparalleled natural light and vision
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and easy to use
internal bifold doors ireland
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