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What is a Composite Door ?

Composite doors are doors that are made of more than one material. This allows for the combination of different materials which counteract common problems found in UPVC/Timber doors, as well as bringing their own advantages to the structure. By combining materials, composite doors are therefore stronger and more durable, providing you with a thicker and long-lasting door.


At Harvest Energy our composite doors are manufactured from  the highest quality materials which makes them some of the strongest domestic doors available.  Our composite doors remain durable and colour safe for many years, as backed with our warranty.  A composite door is more efficient and stronger than a timber or UPVC door ensuring to keep your family and home safe and secure.

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Composite Front Doors


Our composite doors come with a high level of customisation and choice. We’ll consider your requirements when looking at the range of styles and colours available and construct the door that you envision. If you want a stylish and highly rated door for your home, look no further than a composite door from Harvest Energy.

Benefits of Composite Doors

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Low-maintenance
  • Long-term durability
  • Attractive appearance
  • Customisable
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