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Additional Space

A porch is a perfect addition to any home and adds immense visual and practical value.  Not only does a porch enhance the overall look of your home but it also adds extra space at an affordable price.  At Harvest Energy we can design and build a brick porch to your requirements. 

Why Choose a Brick Porch?

Many of our customers opt for a brick porch to add extra security to their home.  A brick porch is a solid structure which acts as an extra shield at the front of your home and can be used as a deterrent to intruders.  Energy efficiency is another reason as the entrance of your home is completely insulated so the area stays cool in the summer and keeps heat in during winter.   At Harvest Energy we will run through the complete design with you and you have the option to select your brick of choice.  The addition of a brick porch will improve the aesthetics of your home with a stylish new entrance.     

Benefits of a bRICK pORCH

  • Added Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Additional Space
  • Improved Aesthetics
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