Harvest Energy Windows and Doors Services

An Innovation In Glazing

Here at Harvest Energy we’re proud to offer our customers the installation of Lumi Windows. These windows are a revolutionary and ingenious new creation that permits the ultimate level of efficiency and the most unrestricted view you can get. They’re built using an innovative design that renders the window frameless, giving the appearance of a wall of glass.

Glass Windows ireland

Versatile And Reliable

Lumi windows use remarkable technology in their glass that can resist corrosion and degradation. They have no connections, joints or painted surfaces that would present weak points and they come reinforced as standard. The glass is toughened with a choice of Double or Triple glazed and some of the best in durability and energy-efficiency ratings. 

Benefits of Lumi Windows

  • Extreme energy efficiency
  • Brilliant sound dampening
  • Frame-less design
  • Highly secure and durable
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