Harvest Energy Windows and Doors Services

Safety and security: the number one priority

At Harvest Energy, our security doors are built with one goal in mind: to keep your home or business secure and safe at all times. These security doors are primarily made from the highest quality steels and reinforced to protect against any attempts to impact the door. They feature secure locking mechanisms that defend against picking or drilling and will be expertly installed in your desired space for true peace of mind.

Security isn’t the only feature

Our security doors aren’t limited in their potential. In designing and constructing these doors, we also make sure they conform to the high energy efficiency ratings you’d expect from Harvest Energy. They offer a brilliant aesthetic, given their highly customisable nature, and they’re great at dampening the noise of the outside world. At Harvest Energy, we also offer a ten year guarantee on the majority of our doors.

Benefits of our Security doors

  • Regulation-approved security standards
  • Various aspects of customisation
  • High energy efficiency ratings
  • Secure and durable framing
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